2016 arrived and Javalix almost die

Unfortunately I am alone. I am the only one working on Javalix project. It is not so easy. I am unemployed (linkedin profile), but I still believe that I can do a good job. I don’t have money, but I still believe that I can help others. I still believe that I can make the diference in others people life, for good. I will still working on Javalix. I am still try do my best.

No retreat, no surrender.

Happy 2015! Back to work!

Thanks for the people that still believe in Javalix. We are back to work in the Javalix 2.0 version (Ubuntued). We are pleasured to announce that Canonical (Ubuntu) gave us total liberty to modify Ubuntu distro and make the customizations for our needs.
So, back to work.
Mario Mayerle Filho


Obrigado a todos que continuam acreditando no Javalix. Nós voltamos a trabalhar na versão 2.0.
Temos o prazer de anunciar que a Canonical (Ubuntu) nos deu toda a permissão contratual para modificar o Ubuntu e realização as customizações necessárias que atenderão as nossas necessidades.
De volta ao trabalho.
Mário Mayerle Filho


Javalix will be developed over Ubuntu. We change our stategy  ’cause the first “directive” is provide a easy to use interface to Java developers and Ubuntu is on this way. Thanks for all people that influenced in this decision.

Wait for news.

Best regards